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Exelab marketing operations

Marketing operations

A fully integrated, all-inclusive marketing platform designed to streamline processes, generate top-quality leads, enhance campaign efficiency, and boost ROI.

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Sales enablement Exelab

Sales enablement

Customizable tools to simplify sales processes, create agile pipelines, increase productivity and enhance results.

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Customer experience exelab

Customer experience

Optimize customer management processes by improving the customer experience. Automation that humanizes customer relationships.

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Enterprise technology exelab

Enterprise technology

We blend and customize interfaces to streamline IT processes, catering to your business needs in a scalable, secure, and adaptable manner.

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Mastering the excellence: we integrate the most advanced CRM Platform

As system integrators, we concentrate exclusively on HubSpot, the gold standard of CRM systems. We stand unwaveringly confident in HubSpot's transformative power to raise the bar for consumer-facing interactions. This globally recognized platform equips us to deliver a comprehensive, bespoke service to our clients, charting the course for them to achieve substantial,

Fintech Prestiti faced its challenge to become
the best Italian player in the digital loan sector. Prestiti has decided to take on a very ambitious challenge to become the best Italian player in the field of digital loans. Creating a brand new digital-native product in the financial segment could be a intense challenge, due to the many regulations involved in the sector. Thanks to a goal-oriented approach and the adoption of the HubSpot CRM, was able to create an infrastructure of data and processes to better manage its customer relationships and get the most out of marketing, sales and customer service activities with a full compliance with the policies.

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Cambiobike: Maximum efficiency and complete control over the entire customer journey thanks to HubSpot.
Unipol's Open Innovation transforms electric mobility

Cambiobike is Cambiomarcia's business unit dedicated to two-wheel mobility, created to revolutionize the way users choose, purchase and ride e-bikes every day. A reality that runs as fast as the service it offers, conceived in just three months with the creation of the first Italian e-commerce entirely dedicated to the purchase of e-bikes. But how to achieve great results in a market of 'early adopters'? Through full control of the customer experience: from the early steps of the client into the brand digital ecosystem to the bike’s delivery and its use experience over time.

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Aidexa exelab

Aidexa Bank, a revolution in SME credit.
Financing in as little as 48 hours thanks to artificial intelligence and integrated processes in HubSpot, the all-in-one CRM platform.

Banca AideXa is the fintech start-up that is revolutionising the world of credit to Italian SMEs. Thanks to its open, cloud-native IT architecture, supported by artificial intelligence, it is able to provide finance to SMEs in just 48 hours. Its secret? Efficient processes and the use of an all-in-one customer-centric platform: HubSpot. However, it’s not solely reliant on technology. Banca AideXa has created a new way of doing business, based on structured and efficient processes that simplify the credit application process for small businesses.

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ai and crm
ai and crm

How artificial intelligence is
revolutionising customer relations?

Today, the introduction of AI models makes it possible to process and exploit large amounts of data, to obtain fundamental insights into one's audience, enabling one to better respond to consumer needs and preferences.The integration of artificial intelligence with existing CRMs, in this sense, will significantly increase the importance of these tools, making information more comprehensive, as well as more accessible and useful to the various customer-facing teams.

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