Data Management

Data is what makes Business Leaders take informed decisions by learning what was and forecasting what will be.

Data creates insights, insights create knowledge and knowledge creates decisions with low risk of failure.

This is why cohesive, intact, and accessible data should always be at Leaders’ hands, in marketing, sales and customer service processes, as well as when deriving from other legacy systems.

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Data that

make sense

As they can lead to incomplete decisions, fragmented data should never be shared or moved across the organization.
To create a healthy informational culture for CDOs, CIOs IT Leaders and Rev. Ops. Managers, we:


Tap into HubSpot CRM potentialitiesSfruttare le potenzialità di HubSpot CRM

and configure it to make data clean and accessible, so that leaders can swiftly understand what should stay and what must change.


Connect any other legacy software or digital tool to the CRM


Make data extraction possible

when developing ad-hoc in-system or external interfaces and applications.

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Transform data








Data Management made easy

Other than unlocking a clear data segmentation and real-time tracking, HubSpot also offers tools to clean and enrich a department’s database, as well as integrate it with other systems.
Thanks to the simple interface and easy settings, any user will be enabled to de-duplicate a contact database, add missing information, and segment leads and clients based on their behavior and interactions.
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