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Intelligent Automation
for Smart Leaders

We want to make businesses able to become scalable in front of sudden change. This is unlockable with Intelligent Automation. 

Intelligent Automations are the ones that can empower any organization, if correctly set. The logics to make it useful for an organization break some common assumptions, and foster people to look for maximum optimization.
For example, Automation can scale a process that is already working, but it’s not immediately useful for everything, at any time.

Any process


only if an in-depth evalutation proves so.

When the business goals and model are put in front of the implementation, the intelligence of the system can emerge fully, bringing the company to an immense level of scalability.

Less work to work more

The primary goals of business automation are to increase the efficiency of teams and processes, while liberating Leaders’ potential and time.

Digitizing and automating even a single part of a process means lifting people off of manual tasks and streamlining workflows, so that teams can dedicate their time to high-value activities and the external interactions with the organization are overall eased.

Speed, time, and focus reach top levels as the operations that should have been providing high value on default, actually start doing it.
With business automation, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Operations Leaders can eventually experience no mistakes in delivering the right content to the right target and an overall performance increase within their teams, as the focus switches from the work-on-work to high-value work.


Goals are the key factore to lead business evolution

Automation fits in where the evolution of a process is needed.

In Exelab, we run tested analysis to identify when, how, and for which part of the business automation is needed: this is crucial, especially for industries where markets change rapidly. Automating processes is never to be done for the digitalization’s sake, as time and cost efficiency become a direct consequence of automation only after certain factors are checked.

Our analytical approach considers factors such as how ingrained are the tech systems with the business processes and how costly and timely efficient they are, compared to the company’s objectives.



We base business automation activities on workflows, meaning automated processes that are triggered by certain events or conditions.

We offer both execution and teams’ enablement to create and customize simple and complex workflows in HubSpot CRM, shaping an intelligent process able to take different actions based on the customers’ behavior or other factors.

Discover the all-in-one enterprise platform that aligns customer-facing processes and people’s work.

We integrate and set-up the CRM in line with business goals, enabling leaders to turn customer data into productive knowledge actionable inside the platform, to unlock growth and flexibility.

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