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"We manage every process and the entire customer journey of our users through the most versatile CRM in the market: HubSpot."
Executive Summary Prestiti took on an ambitious challenge:

to become the top player in the Italian digital lending industry.

In the highly regulated financial landscape, creating a native digital product posed a significant challenge.

By adopting a results-driven approach and embracing HubSpot CRM, Prestiti successfully established a robust data and process infrastructure, optimizing customer relationships and unlocking the full potential of their marketing, sales, and customer service efforts.

With complete integration of HubSpot CRM and over 15 different systems, Loans ensures seamless and streamlined processes through a single, user-friendly interface, delivering a simple and effective user experience for their operators.


Seamless Integration of

15+ Digital Systems


Unified Orchestrator

(API Layer) Seamlessly Directing and Managing System Communications


4 Robust Fraud Prevention and User Identity Recognition Tools;


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Customer-Centric Platform (HubSpot)

Centralizing User Information for Effortless Management

Francesco Cristofaro - Head of IT and UX at ConTe.It Prestiti

Company Prestiti is the newest FinTech venture launched by the Admiral Group in 2022.

The company originated from an idea developed within the innovation department, "Innolab," of, which has been providing digital insurance products for cars and motorcycles online since 2008.To expand its offerings in the Italian market, the Admiral Group established Prestiti. Since 2020, a dedicated team has been working on creating an online financial product that can provide the Italian market with 100% digital, fast, and user-friendly personal loans.

100% digital Fast User-friendly
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The words of

“ HubSpot has been a game-changer for us, providing unparalleled flexibility. Its user-friendly interface and versatility have given us a significant advantage, allowing us to focus on our core business needs. It brings immense value to our customer-centric approach, which is the driving force behind our products, processes, and overall operations. ”

The Challenge

The financial sector is heavily regulated, making the creation of a fully compliant digital product a challenging endeavor.

Traditional legacy systems often hinder seamless integrations with proprietary software and external portals, presenting seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

The goals Prestiti aims to truly prioritize customer needs by building a customer journey that is simple and tailored to each individual. This involves adhering strictly to industry regulations.

Key features include:

A 100% digital product

with a fully online loan application process

An easy and intuitive user experience

Instant preliminary loan approval

for every application

The Solution

The Exelab dream team collaborated closely with Prestiti' tech wizards, orchestrating a

seamless fusion of diverse systems throughout the loan journey.

cutting-edge cloud magic

Custom Solution

With HubSpot as their supercharged control center, they harnessed cutting-edge cloud magic to connect 15 unique systems into a harmonious symphony of efficiency.

Exelab's genius custom solutions transformed Prestiti' customer-facing experience, unleashing a tidal wave of productivity in both pre and post-sales. Say goodbye to clunky tools and elusive data – now, all the key info is at their fingertips, empowering them to conquer every challenge with finesse.

two months since the platform's grand debut

100+ pulsating workflows

danced to the rhythm of automation, captivating marketing campaigns, and lightning-fast support ticketing.

8 eight passionate squads

each with their own role and access privileges, united to master every twist and turn of the exhilarating customer journey.

What was the scope of Exelab's involvement?

Exelab, the trusted partner of Prestiti, has been instrumental in implementing the cutting-edge CRM technology right from the project's inception.


Their collaboration revolves around HubSpot CRM, empowering every user responsible for nurturing customer relationships to excel in their role. The loan application process seamlessly integrates with HubSpot, enabling personalized sales, marketing, and customer service activities at every step.


Exelab has developed a bespoke website using HubSpot's powerful CMS, ensuring a flawless user experience and real-time data flow. This enables proactive analysis of user behavior and empowers data-driven strategies for sales, marketing, and customer service.


Moreover, Exelab's expertise in UX/UI design has created a seamless and user-friendly loan application journey. The CRM has been customized to meet specific client needs, enabling smooth communication with management systems and consolidating all crucial information within HubSpot for streamlined process management.


maximise the efficiency of operators
to simplify the working methods
increase conversions

Through targeted consultancy, Exelab has optimized sales and customer relationship processes, aiming to boost conversions, streamline workflows, and enhance operational efficiency. Inbound and outbound processes have been seamlessly integrated with the client's management system, while customer service activities have been fine-tuned for maximum team efficiency, all within the comprehensive CRM framework.

Emanuele Caronia - CEO at Exelab

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The words of Exelab

“ HubSpot has been the driving force behind the remarkable transformation of Prestiti into a seamlessly integrated powerhouse. By consolidating all critical information in a single platform, we've achieved exceptional levels of efficiency and productivity across sales, marketing, and customer service operations. ”

activated hubs

It's HubSpot's solution for managing all marketing processes and marketing automation. It includes tools for:

  • Email marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Landing page
  • Audience segmentation
  • Workflow
  • Customer journey
  • Buyer personas
  • Form and Call-to-action
  • Blog
  • #Easy to use
  • #All-in-one marketing tool suite
  • #Manages small and large volumes
  • #E-commerce integration
  • #High customization
  • #GDPR compliant
  • #Enterprise ready

It's HubSpot's solution for managing all sales processes. It includes tools for:

  • Pipeline management
  • Sales automation
  • Automatic sequences
  • Email and document tracking
  • Workflow
  • Document management
  • Quotes
  • Payments
  • Calls
  • #Easy to use
  • #Simplification of the sales process
  • #Platform highly loved by sales professionals
  • #High adoption rate
  • #Enterprise ready

It's an extremely versatile tool to create websites of any complexity deeply integrated with the CRM. It includes tools for:

  • Creating web pages of any complexity starting from templates or custom code
  • Managing development frameworks like React or similar
  • Customizing the display according to the visitor's profile
  • Creating private areas
  • Creating blogs
  • Accurately tracking user behavior
  • #Maximum versatility
  • #Ability to create sites and applications of any complexity
  • #Developer friendly
  • #Enterprise grade
  • #Highest security standards
  • #Scalable
  • #GDPR compliant

It's the HubSpot module that allows you to synchronize, clean, and take care of the data present in the database and to automate business operations. It includes tools for:

  • Data synchronization
  • Data cleaning
  • Business operations
  • Integration of external systems
  • Advanced reporting
  • #Versatile and powerful
  • #Enterprise grade data management
  • #GDPR compliant

It's HubSpot's module for managing all customer service processes. It includes tools for managing:

  • Ticket
  • Customer service pipeline
  • Automations
  • Workflow
  • Knowledge Base
  • Customer portal
  • #Easy to use
  • #All-in-one marketing tool suite
  • #GDPR compliant
  • #Enterprise ready

Implementing a CRM system

to understand the needs and behaviors of your customers

is a priority for creating and strengthening customer relationships and enabling business scalability. Discover how to drive growth and innovation aligned with your company's business objectives through HubSpot.


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