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Exelab Takes HubSpot
to the Next Level

Empowering business growth by integrating and customizing the most powerful CRM in the market.

As the #1 System Integrator HubSpot 
in Italy
 and among the top 10 in Europe, we go beyond mere implementation or migration of enterprise CRMs to HubSpot. We leverage technologies like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Node.js to develop tailored applications and modules, enabling our clients to fully harness its potential.

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Why HubSpot

Solutions for Scaling

From complex projects to targeted digital transformations

We accompany our enterprise clients with tailor-made solutions that cater to every need. Whether it's full-scope projects that impact all customer-facing processes or spot consultations for short-term objectives, we have you covered.

Analysis and Design
In a market dominated by transformation, reactivity gives way to proactivity.

In a market dominated by transformation, reactivity gives way to proactivity.
In a competitive market, anticipation is key. Businesses must embrace digital transformation with flexible solutions. Exelab, with HubSpot's CRM, facilitates this change.

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Process Automation
Streamlining processes to enhance talent and unleash business power.

Automation reduces manual management of repetitive operations, minimizes operational risks, improves employee wellbeing and customer satisfaction, accelerating the company's growth.

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Improve efficiency and effectiveness with a bespoke CRM system.

Each company requires a customizable CRM for their growth strategy. HubSpot, highly flexible, can be customized to automate processes and improve productivity, allowing employees to focus on the quality of work.

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Systems Integration
Boosting Business Efficiency.

We guide companies in an era of digital changes with bespoke Systems Integration, linking HubSpot with existing systems to create personalized experiences and reach ambitious goals.

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Data Migration
Your most valuable assets for the most ambitious goals.

Data is an essential corporate asset. Their migration, during the transition to a new CRM, requires careful planning and meticulous management to prevent losses or corruption.

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Training & Support
Beside companies to enhance their success.

We provide ongoing support to maximize CRM effectiveness. Our mission is to help companies get the most out of HubSpot, even after implementation.

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The success stories of our customers

A Revolution in SME Lending

Financing in just 48 hours thanks to AI and process integration in HubSpot, the all-in-one CRM platform.

AideXa Bank has created a new way of doing business, based on structured and efficient processes, which simplify the credit application procedure for small businesses.

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