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Maximize efficiency and gain full control over the entire customer journey with HubSpot. Unipol's Open Innovation revolutionizes electric mobility.


That's how Cambiobike managed to innovate the online purchasing experience of high-end e-bikes.
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Executive Summary
Cambiobike is the business unit of Cambiomarcia dedicated to two-wheeled mobility, created to revolutionize how users choose, purchase, and ride e-bikes every day.It is a fast-paced reality, just like the service it offers, conceived in only 3 months with the creation of the first Italian e-commerce entirely dedicated to the purchase of e-bikes.

Through full control of the customer experience: from before the customer comes into contact with the brand to the delivery of the bike and its usage over time.

The Exelab team, with the implementation and full integration of HubSpot, has managed to incorporate all business processes and establish the command center of the business within a single system, ensuring full control of the entire customer journey.

  • Marketing campaigns;
  • Lead management;
  • Request and customer care management;
  • Order and payment management;
  • Financing management;
  • Document collection;
  • Order status updates;
  • Automated communication with management systems, ERP, warehouse, and courier;
  • Technical support and post-sales customer care management;
  • Support for administrative tasks.


Time Management optimized


Prompt response to users


Cost optimization

Traceability of the entire Customer Journey, including back-office activities

Reliable integration with all business partners;

Improved Customer Experience

Nicola Giuchi - CEO at Cambiobike

The company

Cambiobike is the project dedicated to sustainable and electric mobility by Cambiomarcia, a company within the Unipol group.

The company and the project were created to develop and offer products and services dedicated to electric bicycles.Launched in April 2021, with the creation of the first Italian platform for online e-bike purchase, Cambiobike enables a new biking experience, making state-of-the-art e-bikes accessible to everyone. This is made possible through payment solutions in small installments, with the option to keep, return, or exchange them for a new one after 12 or 24 months.

Innovation Accessibility Sustainability
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Words of Cambiobike

“ Exelab was able to deeply understand our needs and, most importantly, understand the results we wanted to achieve and the speed at which we wanted to achieve them. They were truly excellent in supporting us and teaching us all the benefits and beauty that the HubSpot platform can provide. ”

The Challenge

Cambiobike operates in a rapidly expanding market for electric bicycles: by 2025, one in five bicycles sold is expected to be electric.

The market for electric bicycles experienced a growth rate of 145% between 2019 and 2020, and is projected to reach an additional 100% growth by 2026.

This rapid market growth presents both opportunities and challenges for Cambiobike. The company has chosen to have full control over the customer journey in order to provide a high-quality service to its customers and differentiate itself from competitors.

The main challenge was to make a complex model scalable while maintaining the quality of the service offered.

The goals

To effectively manage and control the customer experience, Cambiobike needed a high-performance, scalable, and easily adoptable tool for its internal team

They also required a qualified partner who could assist them in customizing the tool according to their specific needs, implementing it, and providing training for their staff.

Customized pathways

Customized pathways have been designed to meet the diverse needs of users, taking into account their comfort level with technology while ensuring a high level of service.

Step-by-step support

Users can choose to receive step-by-step support throughout the entire purchasing process or manage the process independently in just a few minutes, including any financing requests.


of the company staff

The solution

The Exelab team assisted Cambiobike in

building a fully customized technological infrastructure for their business model, providing customers with an innovative online purchasing experience

Highly integrated platform

Custom solution

In just 3 months, the company was able to launch the new business with a highly integrated platform using HubSpot as the central system.

Exelab developed centralized functionalities within HubSpot to track and monitor performance continuously. This included managing and tracking the entire business process from lead acquisition to product delivery and post-sales support. They also implemented innovative customer portfolio management techniques to improve efficiency in customer contact.

Furthermore, Exelab handled marketing assets such as landing pages, email campaigns, and SMS communication. They mapped out workflows, enabled real-time order management, and constantly monitored customer feedback and sentiment.

By leveraging the capabilities of HubSpot and Exelab's expertise, Cambiobike was able to establish a robust and streamlined system that supported their online business operations effectively.

Inoltre, il processo di acquisto di Cambiobike prevede diverse modalità di finanziamento e la possibilità di sfruttare convenzioni con il gruppo Unipol. Entrambe queste caratteristiche hanno richiesto lo sviluppo di funzionalità evolute e una profonda integrazione con il CRM.

What was the scope of Exelab's involvement?

Since HubSpot became the centerpiece of Cambiobike's activities, every business process has been designed to be HubSpot-centric.

Thanks to integration across all departments, HubSpot now supports marketing, sales, and customer service activities, as well as managing every aspect of post-purchase processes.

User-exclusive area

Using HubSpot's CMS, Exelab has built a user-exclusive area from scratch, and data analysis dashboards have been created to provide Cambiobike with a clear overview of performance. Everything has been designed to converge in HubSpot, including financing management and delivery processes, marketing campaign management and analysis, and administrative tasks through technological integration between the ERP and CRM systems.

CRM integration

E-commerce has been fully integrated so that any information related to the sales process can be analyzed and managed directly in HubSpot. Exelab has contributed to the design and optimization of sales processes, implementing them in HubSpot. This has facilitated and maximized sales operations while ensuring a smooth and seamless purchasing journey for users.

Customer Care

Even customer service and post-sales support activities have been integrated into HubSpot, allowing operators to manage them directly within the platform. This is facilitated by the complete integration of telephone systems as well. Proudly, today, HubSpot is the beating heart of Cambiobike.

Proudly, today, image 2 is the beating heart of logo-cambiobike-full-black (1)

Andrea Carbone - COO at Exelab

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Words of Exelab

“ It's wonderful to hear that the experience with Cambiobike has been extraordinary. Being able to actively collaborate on an innovation project from its inception and have an impact on its future is truly exciting. The receptive team and the strong mutual trust are the key ingredients of this valuable partnership. ”

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Understanding the detailed needs and behaviors of your customers is crucial for

developing lasting relationships and improving your business goals.

With HubSpot, you can implement a professional and scalable solution to manage and enhance customer relationships, bringing growth and innovation to your organization. Take control of your business and achieve new levels of success with HubSpot.

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