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Smartpricing: a journey towards operational simplicity and marketing, sales, and customer service efficiency with HubSpot


From operational silos to an integrated ecosystem: how Exelab enabled a digital transformation in less than a month.
Executive Summary
With a swift expansion that saw its workforce grow from a few dozen to about 120 employees in 2023, the company is an emerging giant in its field.

Smartpricing is much more than a startup; it's a rapidly rising phenomenon transforming the tourism industry.

The idea behind the project was to develop proprietary AI-driven software that allows tourism establishments to dynamically and profitably price rooms. The numbers speak for themselves. In 2022, the company quintupled both its revenues and its clientele, managing a record 1.5 billion bookings and achieving 1 billion euros in turnover. But it's not just the exponential growth that's impressive; it's also its adaptability and innovation. 


reduction in the average sales cycle time

from 30 to 15 days


of customers each month come from marketing and sales activities coordinated by HubSpot


90% reduction in lead management time

saving 80 hours every month

Tommaso Centonze - Cofounder at Smartpricing


Born in the heart of Riva del Garda, Smartpricing amazes not only with its exponential growth, but also with its ability to adapt and innovate.

As the software continually "learns" to make pricing strategies more accurate, Smartpricing has also established itself as a leader in the Italian market and begun its expansion into the DACH (Germany, Austria, and German-speaking Switzerland) markets. Luca Rodella, CEO of Smartpricing, sums it up perfectly: "AI algorithms are becoming increasingly accurate and will play an even more predominant role in the coming years". In a world where automation is increasingly central, Smartpricing is already a step ahead, providing tools that not only automate but enhance revenue activities, keeping the human element at the center of software management.

AI Innovation Growth
Tommaso Centonze - Smartpricing
The words of Smartpricing

“ Exelab stands out as an exceptionally competent partner, specializing vertically in the HubSpot CRM. Their team of experts provided invaluable support in outlining operational processes and implementing the CRM, offering us clear and targeted guidelines that made it possible to effectively adopt the tool in an extremely reduced timeframe. HubSpot completed this picture of excellence: its intuitive interface and ease of use allowed us to quickly leverage all the platform's features, achieving significant results just days after implementation. ”


Unifying a complex system for consistent and sustainable growth, from disconnected tools to a unified system

From the beginning, the Smartpricing team had a clear vision: to transform business processes into precise, quantifiable, and data-oriented mechanisms. Whether it was marketing, sales, customer care, or operations, tangible measurement of processes and activities was at the heart of corporate culture. All of this not only to make informed decisions but also to provide investors with a transparent and reliable picture of the company's performance. But how do you manage such complexity?

Initially, Smartpricing used a variety of non-integrated tools to manage different business aspects: Pipedrive for business opportunities, Active Campaign for marketing, and Freshdesk for customer support. However, with the company's exponential growth, this "siloed" management quickly became unsustainable.


As Smartpricing grew, it was common for the management of a lead or customer to pass through different company departments, each with different needs and objectives.

The sales department might need details about the purchase process, while marketing might need to send targeted communications, and finally, the support team might need to address technical issues that the user encountered on the platform. This not only created operational inefficiencies but also a fragmented customer experience. It became clear that there was an increasing need for a unified customer view. A system that could aggregate information from all departments, providing a comprehensive view of the customer journey, would represent a radical change in how the company operated.

With these challenges clearly defined, Smartpricing's goal was evident: unify and simplify processes into an integrated ecosystem that could facilitate the work of various teams and provide a comprehensive customer view. A daunting task, to be sure, but crucial for the company's further growth and scalability.


A strategic alliance for timely digital transformation

Operational Excellence

Improved customer management

In a business world where time is money and efficiency is a must, Exelab and Smartpricing have penned a new chapter of operational excellence. The mission was bold: implement HubSpot, migrate complex data from existing platforms, and launch new processes, all within a month. The result? A tremendous success that first catapulted the sales team and then the marketing and customer service teams into the era of unified customer management. Today, thanks to HubSpot, Smartpricing has a much clearer and defined view of each customer's lifecycle, from their first contact with the company to becoming a true brand ambassador.

Based on this, it was possible to segment contacts depending on where they are in the purchase process and send much more relevant and personalized communications, improving the conversion rate and increasing customer satisfaction. The sales department, with the switch from Pipedrive to HubSpot, has seen a significant improvement in customer management throughout the sales process and a notable reduction in the average sales cycle time, going from about 30 days to 15. Since the implementation of HubSpot, Smartpricing has acquired more than 2,500 customers, and over 50% of new customers each month come from marketing and sales activities coordinated by HubSpot. No less impactful has been the added value brought by HubSpot to customer care activities, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction regarding the brand and improving the internal team's ability to manage and resolve post-sales requests.

But how was it possible to bring about such a radical change in such a short time?


First and foremost, Exelab conducted a meticulous analysis and precise mapping of the processes used by Smartpricing.

This preparatory work, carried out accurately and punctually by Exelab, ensured a seamless transition to the new platform, avoiding delays and issues in the operational processes of the various teams.

To address the growing need for data consistency and operational efficiency, Exelab defined and implemented a singular data model for Smartpricing, ensuring alignment across various company departments. This not only optimized HubSpot's use but also ensured better compliance and data security management

Data solidity: a model of trust

Exelab's attention to the data structure within HubSpot was of paramount importance. Ensuring the reliability of processes and data analysis from the outset was a top priority, eliminating the need for future corrective actions that could have compromised the quality of data collected up to that point.

Optimal operational efficiency

Thanks to this meticulous analysis and preparation, the setup phase was executed with remarkable speed. Within just 30 days, Smartpricing's sales team not only gained access to an entirely new platform but also operated without any procedural friction. After just a few hours of training, the team was able to benefit from a tool that provided a comprehensive view of the customer through a simple and intuitive interface. In the following weeks, both the marketing and customer service teams were also able to migrate their operational activities to the new platform.

Workflow e funnel di conversione

Custom workflows were developed in HubSpot, automating key processes like "deal" creation and user communication management, resulting in significant time savings and an optimized customer experience. Additionally, targeted conversion funnels were implemented, and custom templates were integrated into HubSpot, enabling Smartpricing's marketing team to autonomously and consistently manage their marketing assets. This transformation has significantly contributed to Smartpricing's growth, enhancing both internal efficiency and the customer experience offered.

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Andrea Carbone - COO di Exelab

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Le parole di Exelab

“ L’esperienza con Cambiobike è straordinaria. Ci dà la possibilità di collaborare attivamente ad un progetto di innovazione sin dalla sua nascita impattando sul suo futuro. Un team ricettivo ed un grande fiducia reciproca sono gli ingredienti base di questa partnership di valore. ”

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