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The Success Story of MVC Group: How HubSpot Revolutionized the Business of the 3 Brands Castelli, Sportful, and Karpos


Enabling Integrated Management of Marketing and Customer Service for Various Ecommerce Channels Developed on SAP Commerce Cloud Platform

Executive Summary
MVC Group is a company founded in 1946 that started its journey as a manufacturer of high-quality wool yarns and underwear, and over the years, expanded its business into the world of sports clothing.

MVC Group has won the hearts of cycling and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

In 2019, the company welcomed the Equinox fund, which brought new opportunities and challenges. For this reason, MVC Group redesigned its future with a strong focus on digitalization with strategic support from Multiconsult, and decided to adopt HubSpot as an all-in-one CRM solution, choosing Exelab as a partner to ensure complete integration with its ecosystem of products and processes, in order to effectively manage all marketing, sales, and customer service activities within a single platform.

The choice to adopt a CRM solution like HubSpot was driven by the need to coordinate all activities and have a complete, unified view of customer data, improving the quality of service provided and optimizing the relationship with the customer throughout the purchasing process.

Complete centralization

of all consumer touchpoints


100% increase in conversion rate

through personalized emails

Increase in retention

through personalized communications that exploit customer segmentation

Worldwide integrated management of the return process

with reduced handling times

Improved customer service management

with the integration of 5 different teams

Michela Grando - CRM Manager at MVC Group


Manifattura Valcismon, located at the foothills of the beautiful Dolomites, was founded in 1946 by Olindo and Irma Cremonese.

Initially specialized in the production of high-quality wool yarns and underwear, the company shifted its focus towards the world of sports clothing over the years.This gave birth to MVC Group, a family-run company that made its passion for sports and adventure its mission, reaching the highest levels of excellence.With brands like Castelli, Sportful, and Karpos, MVC Group has won the hearts of cycling and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.In 2019, the company, in its growth path, welcomed the private equity fund Equinox, with the aim of accelerating growth in global markets. The new opportunities also brought ambitious new challenges that the company was able to meet.Success was not long in coming and the company had already recorded a 65% growth in 2021 compared to the previous year, but this was just the beginning.Alberto Cremonese, the President of MVC Group, declared in 2021 that the company was ready to face new challenges. This marked the beginning of the company's digitalization project, leading to the implementation and integration of HubSpot in 2022.Today, MVC Group looks to the future with enthusiasm and determination, ready to face any challenge with the passion and determination that has brought it this far.

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Word of Manifattura Valcismon

“ Exelab has proven to be an essential partner that has helped us resolve issues related to the complex nature of the CRM project we were implementing and has supported us in understanding how to integrate and optimize the marketing, sales, and customer service departments with HubSpot, always keeping our primary business needs in mind. ”

The Challenge

MVC Group is a brand with a strong international presence, whose three flagship brands, namely Castelli, Sportful, and Karpos, are considered leaders in technical apparel for sports. 

The company operates in 75 countries through six regional hubs that cover local markets: Europe, United States, Canada, Spain, Portugal and Andorra, Austria and Germany, China, and Japan. Its territorial presence is extremely capillary, with commercial structures covering most of the world.

The real challenge was to identify and implement a solution capable of fully interfacing with the three e-commerce platforms, providing a comprehensive system for marketing and customer service activities, with the possibility in the future of also supporting sales teams in managing their activity.

The goals

MVC Group's goal was to provide the teams of the three brands with more effective and intuitive marketing tools to cultivate customer relationships more precisely and potentially manage commercial relationships with customers more efficiently.

At the same time, it was necessary to restructure each brand's e-commerce platform to facilitate and speed up management processes, given the growing complexity of the DTC business.

The Solution

MVC Group decided to adopt HubSpot as an all-in-one CRM solution, in collaboration with Exelab to ensure complete integration with its ecosystem of products and processes.

The decision to adopt a CRM solution like HubSpot was driven by the need to effectively manage all marketing and customer service activities within a single platform.



Thanks to the full integration with the company's e-commerce, this solution allows for coordinated management of activities and a complete, unified view of customer data.

The platform also provides centralized access to customer information, simplifying decision-making and improving collaboration between teams.

In this way, every operator has access to the correct information at the right time, improving the quality of service provided and optimizing the relationship with the customer.

This choice allowed the company to fully leverage the advantages of this innovative CRM platform, improving and optimizing its commitment to providing quality service to its customers, and simplifying the management process of marketing and customer service activities.

What was the scope of Exelab's involvement?

Exelab was responsible for designing and implementing HubSpot for MVC Group, integrating all marketing and customer service processes to allow the client to manage and monitor activities related to its 3 brands.

In collaboration with the partner responsible for the development of e-commerce on the SAP Commerce Cloud technology, Exelab carried out an analysis, designed the architecture, and developed the data structure within HubSpot, working on a complete, scalable model, yet simple to use to facilitate quick adoption and fully meet the client's needs.


HubSpot's marketing tools were implemented to allow the client to communicate personally with each user of the 3 brands, including a system of personalized and effective emails for the recovery of abandoned shopping carts, integration with Strava for more effective campaign management, and integrated management of events in Eventbrite.

Data and profiling

In addition, a series of solutions were implemented for the collection of user data in HubSpot, to improve profiling. Systems for sending personalized coupon offers were integrated into HubSpot, and a "product recommendation engine" was created to help the user find complementary or alternative products while browsing the e-commerce, based on the information present within the CRM.

Customer Service

Finally, customer service processes were also integrated and implemented in HubSpot, guaranteeing the different teams organized by brand and by country a centralized, timely, and simplified management of support requests through the various channels managed.

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Andrea Carbone - COO di Exelab

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Le parole di Exelab

“ L’esperienza con Cambiobike è straordinaria. Ci dà la possibilità di collaborare attivamente ad un progetto di innovazione sin dalla sua nascita impattando sul suo futuro. Un team ricettivo ed un grande fiducia reciproca sono gli ingredienti base di questa partnership di valore. ”

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Thanks to the professional and scalable solution offered by HubSpot, companies can efficiently manage marketing, sales, and customer service activities, gaining an in-depth view of their users and offering personalized services that improve the overall customer experience.

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